Do you like your 'mums' cushion or sprawling?

dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)November 14, 2012

I always seem to begin with a cushion of continuously pinched back mums for a spot of color and wind up with

a sprawling profusion of color the next year when I fail

to attend to 'pinching back'.

Honestly, if I give them some support then a mum can grow

to rather huge diameter and height putting color over a

much larger area.

Starting a new garden, last year's Tgiving centerpiece (a qt. of stunning crimson and yellow striped blossoms)was set (I didn't say 'planted'!) among other plants I hadn't

decided where to site permanently.

As is typical for me, the mum rooted into the soil in the middle of the new veg. garden.

Too busy picking tomatoes,peppers and eggplant, I failed to attend to the pinching of the mum.

Now, when all else there is past season, this mum fills a

huge area with really stunning color.

I think I like the sprawl better than the cushion because the bloom is longer, the stalks allowed to set sideshoots with later buds. It did open buds later than the cushioned

ones but now is when I wanted that color..not October.

I hesitate to move it or to actually dig it and properly replant it same place because it seems so happy and prolific rooted out the holes of the pot on the top of the ground.

(I know..that's my excuse and I'm stickin' with it)

and..since I found two more this week on sale,past peak bloom, I'm going to treat them similarly.

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I like both. The mums I have now are small and cushiony but my neighbor down the street has both and they are gorgeous!
I would just leave the mums alone where you have them. LOL! if it aien't broken...
I love mums. They are truly a wonderful plant.
I need the flowers of mums this late, makes me feel good.

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I like the sprawl. They look like big, colorful daisies,and I have golden rod mixed in with them, so the heighth works. Oh, I also have asters in that group. Most are still blooming.

Next June I plan on taking cuttings of the mums and asters to create more. That area has been colorful and a welcome site this fall. One aster in particular is still in full bloom. Love the fall colors!

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tamelask(z8a NC)

i'm not crazy about mums, but i think it's mostly b/c i don't like the cushion thing. When grown in the garden unpruned, they are ok. I prefer the singles or quilled ones.

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