Question for Tucson Citrus Folks

pgde(Tucson Zone 9)June 20, 2013

Just out of curiosity, what has your watering program been during this very hot and very dry time? Are your citrus getting sunburned?

Thx and stay cool :-)


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I have to water daily. It goes against everything I've read but it's the only thing that works for me in this summer heat.

And yes, they are slightly sunburned but not greatly.

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In the hottest of climates a spritz of water in the afternoon is also a big help. Citrus in the field don't get it; but they are surrounded by other citrus; and have the advantage of a "group hug"... increased humidity from the collective transpiration.

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pgde(Tucson Zone 9)

Thanks all. Sorry for the delay in responding but have been busy. Am running the drip nightly now.

Stay cool!


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