Which citrus cultivar do YOU want??

norwoodnJune 19, 2014

Let's say you want a new citrus tree, but what to choose?! There are so many great varieties to have. But everyone has their own circumstances, so feel free to post which cultivars are on your wish list and why.
Ex, I want a ponderosa lemon for the huge, fragrant peels.
Also im not sure what grapefruit variety, there are some good ones and im looking for a vigorous grower.

So, ladies and gentlemen which would you choose?

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Steve, Micro (6B ground, 5B roof)

My only interest is meiwa kumquat. It produces small fruit that can be mess free pop-in-the -mouth. They go for $7 /pound if you can find them. They are small-ish trees that pot well. They provide fresh fruit while my other fruit trees are dormant. They are very attractive and good to have indoors as an air freshener. While I like citrus, I am not going to spend the time and money growing something I can get at a fruit store for $1 / pound. There are too many other fruits I can grow that are much easier.

To those who grow citrus up north I'll wish best of luck. Citrus is mot at all easy to grow.


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I want the pink-hued Australian finger lime as well as the Shiranui.

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I would like to purchase the following, mainly because I've read so many good reviews from growers on this forum these varities.

Xie Shan Satsuma

However, I can't find nuseries or a BBS on the island of Oahu or any of the other Hawaiian islands that carry those varities. The problem I have is that the state of Hawaii only allow live plant shipped into the state via bareroot (ie, no soil or mix allowed).

As far as I know, Four Winds Growers is the only online citrus tree vendor located on the Mainland that ship citrus trees to Hawaii. I've purchased numerous varities from them, but they don't carry those varities.

Would appreciate any information if anyone knows of any other citrus tree vendors that can/would ship their plants to Hawaii.

Mahalo, Barry

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