Dwarf Citrus Trees

noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)June 3, 2012


I would like to know if there are any kind of dwarf lime trees? I know there are dwarf satsumas and dwarf Meyer Lemon trees.

Also, are there any other kinds of dwarf citrus trees?

I can't seem to find dwarf Satsumas, or Meyer Lemons anywhere, but if I ever do, I'll get one.



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Link below- they have everything.

Here is a link that might be useful: Four Winds Growers

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Four Winds has them; but I don't think they are allowed to ship to Louisiana.

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krismast(6 S.E. PA)

Four winds can ship to Louisiana as far as I know. I think they just can't ship to Florida, Texas, Arizona, and they can only send three year old bare root trees to Hawaii.

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"I know there are dwarf satsumas and dwarf Meyer Lemon trees."

In fact there aren't really any dwarf citrus trees - for instance, there is no such thing as a dwarf Meyer Lemon variety. It is only the choice of rootstock that controls the size to some extent. The term 'dwarf' is appealing to many purchasers, so it is used much more than really justified.
Furthermore, if you are growing in pots rather than in ground, it is the pot size that actually has the greatest effect on plant size.

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blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)

Yes there are dwarf citrus trees.
No there are not any GENETIC dwarf citrus trees.
Anyway, I think we all know what noss is talking about here.

Four Winds Growers is your best bet.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Yes, blazaglory you are correct. I know there are not genetically dwarf citrus trees and it's the rootstock that determines the smaller size of the tree. If I'm going to grow citrus in a container, I would rather get the "dwarf" sized trees.

I was mainly wanting to know if there is such a thing as a "dwarf" Persian Lime because I have several Key Lime trees, but no Persian type.

Thanks for the link to the CA Four Winds Growers, cearbhaill. I emailed and asked them if their Persian Lime tree is "dwarf" and also asked them if they can ship to Louisiana.

I could kick myself for not buying the "dwarf" Meyer Lemon tree I saw at a nearby nursery this past Spring, but when I went back to get it, they were all gone. Hope they will get some more little ones this next season. Will have to check.

How does the pot determine the size of the tree? Is it limited because of root-pruning and keeping the tree itself
pruned down to a smaller size?

How would a non-dwarf do in a pot?

Thank you all for your fast response to my questions.


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mbrowne(9b Central CA)

I have a dwarf Four Winds Bearss/Persian lime bought from a local store. The tag says, "True Dwarf," and says "Height 6'-10' at maturity."

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Hi mbrowne,

Thanks for letting me know they do have dwarf lime trees. I'd love to be able to get one.


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Hey Noss. I hope you find one.

Give Four Winds a call and then as for Kerri. I think the options on the phone call will tell you to press her line. She will give you some great advice on this one.


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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Thanks Mike and everyone,


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Noss, Four Winds specializes in citrus trees on truly dwarfing rootstocks. They do carry the Bearss Lime (Persian Lime) as well as Improved Meyer Lemon trees. All their trees are on dwarfing rootstocks, I don't believe they don't grow anything else but dwarf citrus. They are a wonderful company to work with, and their legacy is the "Improved Meyer Lemon" - they actually were the family that revived the Meyer lemon after the devastating effects of Tristeza virus that was spread via the Meyer lemon tree. You can read their story on their web site as well as on the UC Riverside Citrus Variety Collection web site on the Improved Meyer lemon page. Mike has given you exellent advice, Kerri can explain the rootstocks they use. And, growing a citrus on dwarfing rootstock in a container will keep them even smaller than they would normally grow in the ground due to root restrictions. Yes, you may need to eventually do some root pruning, but by virtue of being grown with restricted roots, your citrus will stay naturally small. Better to stick with a dwarfing variety in a container, as it will do better and not want to bust out of the container. And, you'll do far less pruning to keep it that way.

Patty S.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Thanks, Patty.

I left a message for them this afternoon and had emailed them last evening, so I hope to hear from them soon. I want a regular lime tree to complete things.

I would rather have dwarfed trees in the containers, though my Meyer lemon is doing very well in a pot. It's doing better than the two Key limes and the one Satsuma. I like Owari Satsumas best of all.

I've heard that Meyer lemons make the best lemonade and hope to be able to make some from my own tree this year, to find out.

Vivian a.k.a. noss

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