Aloe Droopy with leaves drying out/rotting at center?

shirleywedgeSeptember 28, 2009

Please see these pictures that I have taken of my Aloe plant. It was doing very well, growing rapidly, until I transplanted it about 2 months ago. Healthy limbs have started drooping, and you can see other symptoms in the pictures.

Ideas as to why this is happening?

Thanks so much.

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Its normal for aloe to drop the bottom leaves. I have a large A. vera and it does from time to time.

The soil in the picture looks very organic. Aloe can take a fairly organic mix but they need a quick draining mix. If the mix used doesnt contain grit or small rock or pebble I would recommend you do so. If the soil stays wet too long it will rot the roots. Grit and rock will help with this. Rot could be an explaination for the symptoms of the plant. Droopiness and dropping of the leaves. If the roots are rotting, the aloe will re-absord the water in its leaves to help produce roots. This doesnt appear too serious yet.

Also the drooping can be from the weight of the leaves. My A. vera did the same thing.
Hope this helped!

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I also noticed the wet peaty soil. Add 1/8 - 3/8 inch pumice, perlite, gravel etc. 50-75% of the mix should be inorganic. No sand.

I agree about the weight of the leaves causing the dropping. Low light indoors could also lead to weak leaves. Your plant looks very plump, and full of water, maybe too much.

I doubt you a rot problem, your plant looks healthy, but you need to remove it from the container, and inspect the stem for rot. If not, replant in a mix as described above.

If there is fungal infection, you can usually save the plant by transecting the stem above the rot until the tissue is free of dark color. Then dry in air for several days, and place on top of dry soil. Wait until roots develop before watering thoroughly.


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Thank you very much, both follow-ups are very helpful.

I will try these ideas, and might be back for more help!


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There's lot of advice written on this subject here; do a search for 'Aloe' and you'll find a lot to read. There's also an FAQ that addresses your question.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aloe

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