Clematis at Steins

kimcocoJuly 30, 2008

For those of you in the Milwaukee area, I visited Steins today and they had the following clems:


Etoile Violette - Viticella

Madame Julia Correvon - Viticella

The President


There were some others but I think they were type 2's

A little on the pricey side...I think they were $24/piece, but they'll probably be marked down soon.

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Did they get in a new shipment?

I found Arabella at Steins this year - I was shocked. It was $24 too, but I don't mind paying that much if the pot is full of roots.

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I too got Arabella this year from Steins. It is a Monrovia product. It hasn't stopped blooming since it's been in the ground! I also got Bonanza as well as a couple other integrifolias.

I hope they are sold out by the time the sale goes on so I am not tempted to buy more. I've also seen these there: Confetti, Claire De Lune, Piilu, Barbara Jackman, Jackman Superba, Parisienne, Cezanne, & Julka.

I was at Home Depot last night picking up some round up & noticed their 1 gallon clematis is only $5! $1.50 cheaper than their smaller pots! I picked up a Proteus. I'll probably hit a few of those today when I'm out working to see what other locations have, they all seem to be different.

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I don't think it was a new shipment, some looked ok, some not so good.

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