Some clematis STILL have no sign of growth!!

bill14150(6)July 19, 2014

I went 'Clematis Crazy' in 2012. I'd had a Jackmani since 1981, added Henryii in 2010, Will Goodwin in 2011 and then in 2012, added 40 more varieties! Most did well in 2012, pathetic (as I expected) but stayed alive. Same in 2013, when I added a few more. Have 47 now. Then the winter of 2013 - 14. So much cold here in Western NY, then thaws, then rain, then below zero, then another thaw and lots and lots of rain in April and May. Very, very wet around some of the clems, but it did eventually dry out. I had 6 that had no sign of growth while the others grew and grew and grew. 2 finally did sprout. Dr. Ruppell is still only 1" tall, but alive. 4 have still showed no signs of growth, but the roots, when gently removing some soil and checking, still seem viable. I have read that clems can survive a year with no growth, only to spring back to life the following year. Has anyone had experience like this? I just love my clems and boy oh boy, am I learning a lot from and about them!

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opheliathornvt zone 5

I've been gardening for decades and have never found another plant like clematis for coming back from the "dead", sometimes after several years. I think it happens more with older, more established plants, but I ALWAYS give them about 3 or 4 years before digging them up, because I've been surprised to find roots when I start digging more times than I can count. I'd give them more time, and continue watering the "graves".

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You should have growth after planting in 2012. Are they in enough sun? Dr. R. is pretty vigorous, you should have more than 1 inch tall growth. I found last winter did not affect my clems., most common ones are hardy to z4. Good drainage is important.

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My Huldine, new last year, finally came up about a month ago. It has now gotten to nearly the top of the trellis and is blooming like mad. This after I had bought a replacement! To me clematis are some of the most unpredictable plants I grow.

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Clematis are very determined old plant survived years of being at the bottom of a duck nest (yes, duck loved to nest right where young clematis was planted....completely destroying it's fragile young growth), and then being transplanted away from the duck's love....and became the vine that wanted to take over the house's roof.
Still, it's lovely and dependable and reblooming right now, after at least 25 years.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

My five year old Gravity Beauty, which is a very vigorous grower, did not appear this spring. A few weeks ago it started growing from the base and is climbing the fence. Don't know if it will bloom but it is recovering.

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Dr. R. is in a lot of sun. He still has not moved over the 1" mark, but the leaves, small as they are, are nice and green and healthy. As of July 31, there is STILL no sign of life on at least 3 of the clems, but from what many others have said, I just must be patient and wait until next year and see if they 'resurrect'! I have a 4 year old Henryii that had buds this spring up to about 5 feet, then suddenly they all wilted down to the base and new ones shot up from the thick woody trunk there. Even my old Jackmani performed very erratically this year, but is nice and in full bloom now. And my Huldine is fantastic while another variety within feet of it has done nothing. Some others have been just beautiful and grown very large. Just the nature of the beast I guess!

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