Winter lights on indoor Brugmansia?

silverstevebNovember 14, 2009

I have 5 big plants in pots outside. Before it freezes, I'm bringing them inside. Anyone know the lighting needs for them? Most of them are now in bud and I'd like to get them to flower out in my house.

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I store mine in basement here inCanada with only occasional light some days. The ones in bud are brought into my livingroom, only normal light supplied by window and indoor lights and they continue to bloom until Christmas, but do drop a few buds now and then.

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Ok, they're now filling my dining room. I put up 2 - 54W 6500K florescent grow lights above them. Now not sure how many hours of this light to give them. They're also near an outside patio door with lots of sunlight coming through.

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