I need urgent help and advice with my Lemon tree!

PippaMJune 21, 2012

Hi I'm new to growing Citrus plants and I bought a Lemon tree about 4months ago. Everything was going well until the last couple of weeks. I put it outside (as it was warm about 17-20 degrees) just for during the day then I would bring it in at night when the temp dropped. It started to dropping healthy leafs so I started to water it more(watered it until water was in the tray). One day I came back and it had drop virtually all it's leafs. So I googled what I was doing wrong and it sounded like I was over watering it. So now I have not watered it for a couple of days. It now looks like it's dying and the leafs are turning brown. Please help as I have no Idea what i'm doing wrong or if the leafs will grow back? I have attached some Pics to help.

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I hope this 17-20 degrees ended in "c" not "f". If it is a meyer lemon, it is normal to drop leaves when you move it from inside to outside out in the sun. But new leaves will grow back. It looks like there are some sun burn on the leaves too from the picture.
There are a lot more plants killed by overwatering than under watering . Let the plant soil dry a bit before watering again will keep the root healthy.
You can wait to see if it recovers, or you can move it to grit mix which retains less water.

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Plants don't like to be moved in and out. Lots of plants will drop their leaves if you do that.

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