Are anyone else's 'meyer lemon trees' flowering? Picture

meyermike_1micha(5)June 2, 2010

I am beginning to think that Meyer lemon trees flower whenever they want. No specific time of year or conditions...

Here is my 7inch one flowering like crazy that I am taking care of for someone.

Then my big tree is flowering again after it flowered in December..

I have others starting to bust out in blooms. My entire yard smells like Florida.


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gg24(6a CT)

Hi Mike:

I notice a few tiny buds on mine last night. Nothing like yours of course!

I'm going to look more carefully when I get home tonight.


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Nice color, Mike!
I was smelling citrus at the nursery yesterday, and the Oro Blanco and the Meyer's were blooming.
The Calamondin and the Buddha's Hand were putting out new foliage that had excellent purplish color.
Quite a show!

My brother has several citrus in his yard, too. A few weeks ago, his were blooming - now the fruit
has set. I'm not sure what type exactly...maybe you can help. Last summer we picked fruit that
looked like a large lemon but tasted sweet and delicious.


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Hey Mike,
Yes. Although my Lemons had small fruit on them already (days in rough greenhouse during 20's & low 30's during winter) they are putting off abundant blooms now. And the Calamondin is blooming more now than in the past 7 or so years I've had it. Some of this is thanks to reading the Citrus Forum which lead me to change fertilizer types and schedules...and to completely abandoning soil mix for Pine Bark/Perlite/Sphagnum-Peat.
Things are looking better and leaf color has improved too.
I do enjoy seeing the pictures. Beautiful plants!!!!!

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Most citrus in Florida flower twice -- the normal spring bloom in late March most years, and then the so-called "June Bloom," since it's this month that it most often occurs. But lemons and limes usually produce at least some flowers on every growth flush throughout the year, if they're happy.

Also, you can force almost any citrus to bloom heavily on the next flush by allowing the tree to get dry enough to go into a severe wilt. I don't generally recommend that -- obviously not good for the tree. But it will put flowers on it!

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Hey Mike, how long have you had your big tree? I don't mean to be rude, just curious... but the one you're tree sitting only has a couple of leaves and your older one has a couple dozen. Do they always end up that "bare" in a container?

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I had them at work and they were not fed properly...I had no room in my home all winter, and least to say, because they were not fed and healthy in that enviroment, they came down with a BAD case of "THRIPS"!!!!!

I actually posted for help on these on the pest side..

I had to remove every leaf, cut almost half the branches away also loaded with "scale" and "mealy" bugs.. These trees contracted them through all the plants were there infested, and I didn't know this till my plants were placed there for the winter for a month or more.

So these are come back from a very torturous winter loaded with insects and hacked to death to rid them..Not bad considering ha?

Now all the leaves are green, the ones coming back, I am getting a lot of flush growth, no insects what so ever, and loads of blooms..Nothing a little bit of Foliage Pro and lot's of outdoor fresh air and sun can't fix..

Thank God though...

You were not rude at all..In fact I am glad you asked.
You are actually looking at a plant that I survived through it all..It is about 4 to 5 feet tall, and I have had it for a couple of years..

So no, they do not end up bare in a container unless your cultural habits are not good, or pests like the taste of your trees and decide to attack all at once...

Thank you...

See these posts..It was a horrible time for my plants..But now you are seeing a FULL recovery...


Here is a link that might be useful: thrips on citrus

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i bought mine earlier this spring and it had already bloomed, and currently has a few small fruits. i went out to inspect my plants yesterday after we had some thunderstorming the night before. i notice a few buds popping out.

we've gotten decent rainfall this year, all the extra water and cool nights(70s are cool for us, lol) probably prompted it to bloom again.

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Yes, mine is. Hi, I'm Mary, I live in southern NY in zone 6B. I'm fairly new at citrus, been learning from this forum for about a year. I bought a young mandarin tree that produced a single fruit on it this past winter. When I saw that ripe mandarin in my sunroom window with 30" of snow in the background, something clicked and I fell in love. Since then I bought a lime and meyer lemon. Making lots of mistakes and not sure about my soil, but yes, my meyer is blooming - later than the lime or the mandarin.

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