Pachypodium baronii - yellow stem

cwcervantes(9A / New Orleans)September 7, 2013

Hello everyone. I noticed recently that my Pachypodium baronii is yellowed near the base. It had previously been shaded a bit more. Any idea if this is normal or a sign of trouble? The roots are growing out through the drainage hole, so I don't think the root system has rotted.

I would hate to lose this plant!


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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

To my understanding Pachies like sun , Full sun. I have had My P. lealii in FULL Central Texas sun and it has not blinked. They do like more water in this situation. I water it once maybe twice a week(when I remember). and it is quite happy. Not growing too fast but developing a nice fat caudex. The spaces between the leaf/branches are short. Too much growth between them is not wanted.

I would spray it with some draconil to address fungal issues as a safeguard if it were my plant, knowing that it has been in the shade in a warm humid environment.

Was your plant grown from a cutting or a seed? The Internet images show a caudex. I would give it more sun, But do it slowly. If it can handle sun on the western semi lowlands of Madagascar, it can handle it in Luisiana. There was mention that this Pachy likes a larger pot than other Pachy species. This info is coming from Wiki

Here is a link that might be useful: Wiki info

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cwcervantes(9A / New Orleans)

Thanks for the reply! It is grown from seed. It has a bit of a caudex but it's mostly underneath the soil line.

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