Senecio hawthorii

birdguideSeptember 29, 2013

This one hasn't done a thing since I purchased it. It's outside in a southwest exposure. Does it look healthy? I would like to repot it in a 3" terra cotta pot using Al's Gritty Mix. It is very top heavy in the 2" plastic pot that it came in. Is this advisable at this time of year?

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sure go for it... seriously doubt you can hurt it much repotting it, but it will survive in that current pot for a another few years if you want to... it would be better in a heavier pot, though, so it will be less likely to keep falling over.

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Thanks for the feedback. It is really top heavy and essentially impossible to keep upright. I'll think I'll move it to a terra cotta pot with gritty mix tomorrow.

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Essentially impossible? Not so....just use a thicker layer of top dressing and that problem's solved (or use rocks to stabilize).

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