Save my fallen Jade!

Shira_September 6, 2013

I have a Jade plant. Actually, I have a small collection of jade plants (indoors - I currently live in IL) that I've successfully grown from cuttings. I have one in particular that's roughly 12 inches tall, and rather tree-like. Unfortunately, this jade plant recently suffered from a fall... It was uneven and I had recently re-potted it, and one thing led to another... it fell over, and ripped most of its roots off.

So I now have a large-ish jade plant with no roots. What do I do? I don't want it to die! I know that they grow roots naturally anyway, but I'm concerned it won't grow them fast enough to support itself... Any suggestions? I had been thinking of some kind of root hormone, but I don't know which one to buy, and I don't want to accidentally make it worse...

Thanks for any advice you have!

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I don't hear too many people bothering with the rooting hormone on the jades. what led to the repot? there was a healthy root system at that time? also pics of your collection would be enjoyable :)

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Unfortunately, this jade plant recently suffered from a fall...

Backwards starting from when it fell. Mist the soil from time to time and not as much misting but some of the root remaining, Allow it to build more root back again
It takes a little time untill it can hold it's self upright on it's own..

Maybe other options as well . If you need to post a pic then just to show where it's at

Below is a fell one of mine two 2 months after
Good luck

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It seemed to have a healthy root system when I repotted it... Initially, I repotted it because it was too large for its home.

In hindsight, I probably should have trimmed it a little as well... So I guess a follow-up question would be, given that it has suffered this accident, can I trim it back some? Will that help or hurt?

Thanks so much!

PS - These are some of my plants... Mostly Jade plants, and mostly from one old plant that I turned into cuttings because it wan't going to survive if I didn't. Sorry for the funny angle!

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i dont see why not, looks like you got yourself even more jade plants out of this deal.

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