dog chewed up my clematis! help!

KHershey(5)July 31, 2014

Looking for some advice - I'm very new to gardening.
I planted a President clematis two years ago, and it's done well, both with new vines last year and growth off of the older established vines this year. I've loved the blooms. :)
A couple days ago, my husband's dog chewed on one of the older established vines at the base. It didn't chew completely through the vine, but managed to chew off the outer "woody" covering at the base. The exposed vine is now a pale tan. I'm worried. So far there hasn't been any die-back, but should I be worried? Is there anything I should do for it since it's exposed, or will it harden off again? I know I'm thinking ahead, but our winters get pretty bad... Worried that the cold will kill the exposed vine.
Any advice would be appreciated!

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I wouldn't worry about it. If it isn't wilting just leave it alone. If it wilts cut it off at the break. The plant will likely push more stems from the base. Sometimes I partially break a stem when moving it about and it seems to heal itself if I push the stem back together.

Next spring prune as usual.

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One of the many lovely things about clematis is that they come back from damage well. I think that since it isn't wilting it will be fine. As far as winter . . . my The President gets killed to the ground by cold pretty much every winter and comes back from the roots and blooms just fine, so I would have no concern about the dog's damage effecting winter hardiness.

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Oh thank you both!
I've really loved having these vines and was so worried I'd have to completely start over with them. Thanks for the great news! :)

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As others have said, Clematis are tough little plants. But please do keep an eye on the dog as Clematis are also toxic to dogs (and other animals). If you see: Salivation, vomiting, diarrhea - please take the dog to the vet immediately.

Good luck!

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