Agave Mateo and Aloe Thin Lad sunburnt?

elschSeptember 5, 2012

Hi all. I just potted up my new Agave Mateo and now noticed there are some burnt leaves.

The same thing happened with my Aloe 'Thin Lad' except I haven't even transplanted that yet, so I am thinking they probably were in a shadier spot at the nursery. The other agaves (lophantha quadricolor and Cream Spike) which I did transplant,look fine, so maybe Agave 'Mateo' is extra sensitive to sun?

This is a mild Sf bay area climate, the nursery is in a slightly warmer microclimate, so I didn't think it would burn, but I guess it was hot a couple of days ago when I transplanted it.

So I'll move them a shadier spot- which I don't really have Will a few weeks do it, or do they need longer to acclimate?


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A few weeks will do it for acclimatizing, and they'll both eventually grow out of the damage, especially in so propitious a climate.

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