getting ready to move indoors

nccactuslady(7)September 16, 2010

Our nights are getting cooler so I'm getting plants ready to move indoors... thought I would share a few pictures of some of my succulents.

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That's a nice collection - I'll be following you by a few days in The Move Indoors. Your plants have coloured up ever so well over the summer while being outside.

PS (unrequested advice - the Aloe variegata wants less water than those other two).

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(unrequested advice - the Aloe variegata wants less water than those other two).

I only water this when it is totally dry but thank you for the info... I knew it was some sort of aloe but didn't know which.

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Nice collection.
It's over 100 degrees here with the heat index. I can only dream of cooler nights. Bringing plants in around here is usually a panic situation!
Ya'll have a good winter.
Tally HO!

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gardenbear1(6 Ma.)

I'm a few weeks ahead of you on moving my cactus indoors, the last 3 weeks the nights have dipping down into to 40, so ever one came in early this year.


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We have already had at least 6 hard freezes-I'm getting tired of covering up my garden already :-(. The tender cacti are in a microclimate so they stay a little warmer.

Even so, I'm going to move in my smaller Echinopsis and all my Mamms this weekend and a few other more tender types. I already brought in the epi and the 2 desert roses. I think all 3 of them seem happier in the sunroom-I don't know if it was the low temps or the wind, but the tips of the DR leaves were getting brown outside.

I found a source for some plastic protectors that are more heavy duty than Wall of Waters and I'm going to try to overwinter a Trichocereus in my hardy bed. I don't know if it has grown enough roots to live through the winter, but it's fun to experiment.

And I'm thinking of using these protectors in my garden next year to start seeds earlier so I want to see how they hold up before I order more of them.

I envy you people that can leave your plants outside, but I like the break from gardening, too. Most of the overtime I work is in the winter. And I like sitting around watching movies in the winter and not having to worry about outside chores, but I'm pretty lazy....

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