California Clementine (Cuties) Plant growing?

sp0ng3rJune 29, 2009

I live in California, and we get these little Clementines in the store called Cuties. One day at work, I was bored and decided to plant some seeds because they are meant to be seedless. After a few months, it finally sprouted, and not it is approx a foot tall. I presume this will not produce fruit, but people also told me that it will not grow from seed. It is growing extremely well. Is this plant even worth keeping? Will it produce fruit ever?

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Personally, I would say that it would be worth keeping. I grow a lot of my trees from seeds. Citrus trees "should" produce fruits between 7-13 years. The chances of it producing the same fruit you took it from are about half, the other half would be a hybrid. The Minneola Tangelo is a hybrid grown from a seed. As I said before in another forum if you have yourself a hybrid that produces a new kind of citrus fruit that is delicious and flavorful, you may be able to patent and market it.

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Cuties are primarily Clementines early in the mandarin season and Murcotts late in the season. As I understand it, Clementines will not come true to seed, whereas Murcotts will likely be true to seed. So the real answer is when you purchased the Cuties. If you bought them in them mid-January or after, the seedlings you have are likely Murcotts.


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Thanks for the follow ups. I have no idea when I purchased them because it was over a year ago. I guess I will just let it grow. Besides, I cant just get rid of it, we have been through too much together. :) I secretly planted it in a cut in half soda bottle, and put dirt in it on a walk on my break. Then I hid it behind my computer for months. When I finally had forgotten about it, I took a peek, and it had sprouted! How can I get rid if it? I just cant.

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