Meyer Lemon, feedback please!

joeturbo26June 22, 2013

Hello gardenweb neighbors.

I am seeking some feedback to see if what my meyer lemon tree is doing is normal, or if there is anything you suggest.

Early May, I spotted a cool little Monrovia Meyer Lemon at a local nursery, I thought about buying it, attempting to grow it indoors--and ultimately left the nursery without it. I couldn't stop thinking about it after I left, so I went back a few days later and it was gone!

The search began, and I found a real beautiful one on a day trip to NJ. It is about 4 feet tall, and had one green lemon on it half the size of a golf ball, one more on a half broken branch and about 10 flowers.

Brought the little guy home, and he was bigger in my apartment than I had anticipated! The cat also had a serious obsession, and I found a spot for the tree near the next sunniest window I have.

A week went by with leaf drop, and an overall unhappy tree.

This Summer, I decided to turn my patio into a vegetable garden, so outdoors Mr. Meyer went.

The tree seems happy, and since then it has flowered, set fruit, the original green lemon on it has gotten bigger, and there are about 15 little lemons on it now.

Here is my concern--it really hasn't put out any new leaves, so basically it looks like a balding lemon tree with little lemons, and over the past two days it seems to have blossomed like crazy! It must have 100 or more flowers on it!

Being in a high rise NYC apartment, I was certain there wouldn't be a bee (no pun intended) in sight, and I have been hand pollinating my cucumbers etc. However, to my surprise this morning and as I type this, I am watching a bee fly around from my eggplant to my cucumbers and all over the lemon tree!

Since then, I actually added a Persian Lime to my balcony, the lime never went inside, I brought it right from the nursery to the balcony, so it seems to be doing great, other than the 2 flowers it had dropping without fruit set.

Here are two photos I just took, trying to not disturb the bees.

I would love any feedback or advice you can lend to help ensure the success of my citrus, and hopefully get to taste a lemon or two!

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and another photo!

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besides the bloom not much to see in the picture.
make sure you don't over water your trees and give them enough fertilizer.
a tree without leaves and abundance off flowers is a tree in distress. could you post a picture from the whole meyer tree?

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absolutely! here are some photos :)

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A great mix ensuring it is almost impossible to over water, plenty of sunlight, the right fertilizer and applying as needed and good ole warmth should be just what you need.

Good luck with it and if you should fail in any aspect, you will quickly learn what to do avoid that mistake again if you stick around here.


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many people in NYC have bee hives on the roofs of their buildings.

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tamela_star(Zone 7)

Your tree is beautiful! I have a Meyer lemon for the first time too. The flowers smell so good in the summer.

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