Extreme Melon Growing Page

rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)December 20, 2008

A link to a melon growing page.

Here is a link that might be useful: EXTREME MELON GROWING

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Link is broken. Would you try again? Sounds interesting! Just bought some of Baker Creek's weird melons and looking forward to growing extremely. [snicker-snicker]

Nancy the nancedar

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Hmm... maybe try copy and pasting it........


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Nothing but raw code even if you google 'Waynes this and that' and search through the site to the extreme melon growing page. All the other gardening articles are very interesting.

Nancy - I just got my Baker Creek catalog and I'm itching to make an order.

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Root I don't know what is going on with others trying to do the link you posted but I can click on it and open it just fine in a new window.
I have done it 2 times and both times it goes straight to it although I STILL have sat down and ran through the whole thing. I plan to though cuz I too have some very different melon seeds this year and what I have read so far was interesting.
Thanks for posting it!

:) Fran

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AHAH! It's my browser (Firefox) not allowing me to see the page in html. I copied the link location and opened it using Internet Explorer browser and it came up like it is supposed to. Now -- on to reading...

Nancy the nancedar

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tamelask(z8a NC)

My browser (camino) won't show it correctly, either. I think it's poor management for the person who wrote it to only have it work with the dominant browser- esp given the security issues that IE has had lately. IE won't even work on my comp (a mac) anymore, not that i'd want to launch it after the issues. I'll have to try it in safari sometime. I was able to slowly read the bunches of good stuff in the code to get a gist of what the person was saying.

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I find it odd that only that article has these problems, all the other articles on that site opened like normal... hmmm.

What he is talking about is not totally new, it is the way people that grow melons in greenhouses grow them. It is very hands-on and labor intensive but the end product is better melons so I am thinking I will use these techniques in the future.

It was nice to learn that he saw no need to do all the pruning that other intensive melon growers swear by. And it was very helpful to include the close up fotos showing how to sex your melon flowers and how to hand pollinate them.

It has been proven over and over that you can grow a lot of produce in a tiny garden simply by being more hands-on and carefully tending to the needs of each plant individually.

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

I'm so sorry some of you are having problems opening this page. I'm fairly puter literate (for my needs) but not enough so to solve this mystery.

You can send him an email from this page,...near the bottom it says......

If you open any pages and they appear as raw HTML code, please send me an email so I can correct this problem. Thank you.

Here is a link that might be useful: to send an email

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