Meyer Lemon - Report or Not & Mites

Jhtranst1June 23, 2013

Sorry. The Subject should say repot or not, but I can't figure out how to change it.

My wife and I recently purchased a potted citrus cocktail plant consisting of a 2.5' meyer lemon plant and a 1' key lime plant. The lime plant had a bunch of limes growing on it.

When we brought it home (indoors), the lime plant kept dropping leaves and fruit. I thought this was a result of the change in environments, especially since we had some cool nights in NYC several weeks ago. The leaves on the lime plant then began cupping. So I started watering the plant a little more often but it eventually dropped every leaf and the branches dried out.

During the rather quick death of the lime plant, I purchased a soil moisture meter and noticed that the soil was very moist and appeared to be slow draining. So I listened to the meter and now average one watering every ten days. The meyer lemon plant has done ok. One branch started to flower last week, which I hand pollinated; and more flowers are starting to bud (on the same branch but nowhere else yet).

In digging out the dead key lime plant, I noticed that the soil on the root ball was soaked even after a week after I watered the pot. So my question is whether I should repot my meyer lemon plant in faster draining soil even though it seems to be doing okay. Any advice/opinion would be welcomed.

Also, I recently noticed tiny spider webs and after doing some internet research, think that the plant has some spider mites. I plan on spraying the leaves and stems with an isopropyl alcohol/water mix. If anybody has some other suggestions, please let me know.


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Re-pot for sure, and you can find a great potting mix here on the forum, just search for "511 mix", and you'll come up with the recipe which you can then bookmark on GW for future reference in "My Clippings". And, you sound like you've got spider mites, so treat with hort oil to smother them. And, if you can get your tree acclimated to some outside sunshine, you'll do it a world of good. Plus, regular fertilizing applications. Most container folks use DynaGro's Foliage Pro, and will use it between 1/2 and full strength with each watering.

Patty S.

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J. I totally agree with Patty and I would do a repot as soon as possibel while we have plenty of daylight and warm temps.

The 5.1.1 mix is so easy to make and there is also another product that I use called 'Fafard'..It's the heavier weight mixes and I think if you call the Fafard Company in Tewksbury Ma. where I live they might be able to direct you to a retailer in your area.

Sounds like a classic case of root rot caused by too much water retentiuon which in turn will give you a pest problem because your plant is weak.

Once you kill off whatever is sucking the life of your plants, you should notice your mix drying out faster because now the leaves can stop struggling and actually do their job.

Even a good ole hosing off almost every day for a week or so and use of a good fish emulsion should clear up most of your pest issues along with natural predators!


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