Meyers lemon tree

Mrainey1234June 19, 2014

Have a few new blossoms. But concerned about the way the leaves are looking. Many look like this and getting new leaves, but end up looking like these. Help

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More info would help a lot..

Where do you grow this tree?
Do you use pesttcides, oils, or any type of chemicals on the leaves?
Do you use a well balanced formula? fertilizer?
How much? How often?
Do you live in an area where 'Citrus Mites' exist?
How about an area very humid that can harbor
greasy spot disease (Mycosphaerella citri).

How long have you had this tree? Did you just aquire it?

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Sorry. Should have given more info.. The tree is in a container on my patio. I use Jobe fertilizer every other week. Has good drainage. I water until well. Usually a teaspoon of fertilizer. Sometimes I use diluted miracle grow. I live in South Carolina. Not sure if citrus mites exist here what is greasy spot disease. Had the three about 6 weeks.

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Help please. Tree leaves now curled over

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Have you sprayed for insects just to be on the safe side, like to treat thrips?

I am by no means good at diagnosing diseases but if this is happening to your new growth as it starts to mature, I would say it is...

But, here is the thing, it seems as if your new growth looks ok..I'm thinking maybe somehow you damaged them at one point with too much fertilizer or root rot at some point..I hope someone here can figure it out.

I am happy you provided more info...I have never had this happen to any of my trees except a tropical that I have and it was due to disease and a lack of magnesium...

It seems to be the older leaves are affected..The newer leaves look fine..

Good luck...


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

If you have anything of an insect nature, it would be spider mites. We're having a terrible time with them this year. But, to me, it looks like you're having wet root issues. What kind of potting mix is the tree in? How much sun is the tree getting? Have you moved it around much, changing up the amount of sun the tree is getting? Meyer lemons can be a little more sensitive to changes in light. I see it appears to be setting inside a really large pot? The pot isn't retaining water by chance, causing the tree to be sitting in a puddle of water?

Patty S/

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Thank you I brought the tree inside to dry out and it has perked up. I have used neem oil on it and not sure if I over fertilized it. I have removed most of the yellow leaves. I can't see spider mites. Would I be able to see them with the naked eye. Would you see them crawling?

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