dug up old, old clematis

andi_mn(z4MN)July 1, 2013

hi folks, I had a clematis that got overrun with weeds and poison ivy. and still it has struggled but no blooms this year. I just had to dig it to deal with weeds and ivy. in the process most of those so slim and fragile stems broke. wondering..can I cut each one of those stems off below breaks and will it regrow? the roots look great, the ground is wet and I've got a good place for it. what do you think?
thanks, andi

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No problems. Do exactly as you have described and it will grow back, though you probably won't get flowers this year, and some types may sulk a bit. Next year it will look great again.

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Have similar question about my Josephine ~ she loved her site until Carefree rose got carried away growing beautifully despite good pruning & a Mini rose grown tall. She also survived 2 yrs of chlorosis problem w/ treatments. 'thought I've lost her after our drought of Aug/2012-Mar/2013 ~ she returned as a babe w/ so far, no signs of chlorosis & proceeded to put on blooms! Yay!

I need to move her to a sunnier site but fear how much around to dig & how deep ~ please share your experiences! She is 12 yrs old.


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