A problem with a small lemon tree

ChichkovitechervenovJune 23, 2013


The leaves of my lemon trees turn brown and fall. What to do to protect them? If someone can help, please post me a message! The picture I have posted here was taken a couple of days ago and yet i have no solution to the problem, and the condition of the plants is getting worse. Thank you!!

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More info needed.
Indoor potted plant? By window? Hot sun?
Ever fertilised? What is the growing medium?
Where are you geographically?

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The plants are in pots and I keep them indoors during winter and outside during the summer. I live in Bulgaria, so we have hot summers here. There is plenty of light on the place I keep them, but not too much sun, only in the mornings. At noon and in the afternoon they are in shadow. I use nitrogen fertilizer every week from about couple of months, because the leaves started go yellow. I have used soil available here mixed with some sand and put drainage.
There is one plant that is doing all right for now and I wish to save it.

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