clematis not blooming

utzybuzzy(z7MD)July 21, 2008

We have 2 clematis on one trellis. Unfortunately we don't know the names (though one is a summer bloomer and one is a fall bloomer), but last year they bloomed a little. This year there's lots of green and they've grown beyond the height of the trellis, but one or two flowers and that's it.

I cut them down in the late spring since they were all twisted together. Are there too many together or too large for the trellis's so no blooms? HELP!!

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jeanne_texas(Z 8B TX)

Did you see the blooms at the top?..If so your problem might be they are pruning group 2's and will only bloom on the older vines..hard pruning will help them get established and have a bigger root system but at the same time you will lose your early Spring blooms and only see some in late summer/early fall..don't forget to fertilize with some Tomato or Rose Fertilizer too!!..Jeanne

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Just a long shot....

Is the trellis near the lawn and do you fertilize the lawn?

The reason I ask is you say there is a lot of green, which caused me to wonder if the clematis is getting too much nitrogen.

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I just found one of the tags for the Clematis. One is Sweet Autumn Vine. No blooms on that one. The other one had more like spikes like orange and purple. Don't know if it was to bloom or that was it. The trellis is set back quite a way from the grass and the blooms, the two I've seen, one was on the top and one was on the bottom. As you can tell, I'm new to Clematis. Is it possible that they are crowding each other out?

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By checking out the internet, I think the other vine is Lonicera Gold Flame. That's the one that had about one or two blooms on it though they didn't fully open. Thanks again for all the help.

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flowerfan2(z8/ WA)

My Sweet Autumn clematis doesn't start blooming for me until the middle of September. It's a fall bloomer, so it will probably bloom later this year.

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I agree with flowerfan2, SAC doesn't bloom until Fall. It gets really big and is a wonderful clemmie. You're going to love it.

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