New to citrus and would like advice

maggybyJune 20, 2014

I have 5 citrus tress from 2- 4 years old that I recently purchased. I want to plant them in the Al's 5-1-1 mix. I am having a difficult finding the correct ingredients. I have found
Repi- bark at petsmart,
Peat moss
Dolomitic lime which has calcium 21%,magnesium 12% ,neutralizing value 70% ,pass through a 10 mesh screen 95% ,100 mesh 40% . Is this o.k for my mix.
Perlite . I can not find coarse but only miracle grow or Schulz . There is a product called grow stone that is suppose to be better than perlite. Has anyone heard of it?
I live in Windsor Ont. Canada and found dyna grow ,in Toronto.
One more question. My tress are starting to bloom. Is it o.k to repot them now.
I am sorry for all the questions .I know there are a lot of experienced citrus growers here. I love these trees and I want to give them the best environment in which to thrive .
Thank you so much.

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Hi Maggy . WOW another fellow Canadian, 2 days in a row now . Let me guess you bought your trees at Home Depot ? They had really nice trees . Yes you can repot when the trees are in bloom . I repotted 7 trees this year some of the trees were in bloom, didnt hurt the blooms or the tree .Never used Al 5-1 mix. I am trying something new this year pro mix I have heard it is good. I also use a little miracle grow every time I water and my trees love it .I have heard alot of positive things said a bit dyna- grow .


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Hi Brian, Nice to meet another Canadian here. I bought two trees at Home Depot,( a limquat and a variegated Meyer lemon) I got the dwarf Meyer lemon,Persian lime and dwarf Washington orange from a garden centre that imports them from a nursery in Florida. They are beautiful 3-4 year old grafted trees. Where do you live? My trees really love the dyna grow. It is a great fertilizer . I use pro mix for my herbs,tomato's and it is a great mix. I want something that will drain a bit more and aerate my citrus roots so that is why I am trying to make Al's 5- 1-1- mix as I understand it is preferred by many here. Thanks for answering my post. .Maggy

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