A bit OT, and I hope not un-PC ....

zigzagDecember 6, 2009

Anybody else here watching the implosion of the Fine Gardening 'Over the Fence' message board? Seems, in their infinite wisdom, the FG folks deemed it a good time to totally destroy a working board and replace it with an impossible to navigate abomination. The hue and cry is loud and GW will most definitely gain some new members over this dust up. A few FG/Garden Webbers have already posted such, so let's welcome them. (This 'good change' thing is not limited to the garden boards, all the FG boards are up in arms.)

Me thinks there are just too many IT folks on the loose out there who think their job security is based on fixing what ain't broke. My garden message boards are my faves - mostly GW, but I do stroll thru FG OTF too. I just hate it when "they" mess with a good model. :o(

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

Hmm, I never realized that FG had a message board. Haven't grabbed the mag off the newsstand in a while because it gets me in $$$ trouble. Such lavish photos and unusual plants.

So, if any Fine Gardening board refugees arrive they are more than welcome (and we'll probably teach them how to 'do it less expensively').

I agree with the opinion of IT people given what they've done to eBay in the past 10 years.

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