Please help! What do I do with these cuttings?

dianashhSeptember 4, 2013

My mum got these from Russia but I'm not sure what do I have to do with them? Leave them as they are for a few days and then plant? Or put in water? (: xx

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I would let them dry for 3 days to a week then plant them in a sandy or 50% pumice/perlite to 50% cactus mix soil

Then don't water them for a week in that soil. Then lightly water after a week. Then more after a month. and full water after a month and half.

This is for my climate coastal los angeles about 9-10 hardiness your climate might be different

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Thank you for the help! I will plant them in 4-5 days then :) I live in Jordan, it's 30-31c during the day and goes down to 17c at night... :)

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Youre welcome :)
Good luck and have fun. And remember don't over water!! ;)

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