New to brugs - need help with cuttings

ccdarden(9A)November 7, 2009

Hi everyone! A neighbor gave me two cuttings and told me to take them home and pot them. I put a little root stimulator on them and did as she said. This was Thursday. The leaves are all wilted and I'm worried! I've been searching and reading the forums, and I think this is normal. One cutting is about 1' tall, the other just a little taller. Do I need to do anything to them, or just leave them alone? I currently have them in the shade. Should I move them? I know nothing about brugs other than they are beautiful and I hope that I can successfully grow them! PLEASE HELP...I don't want to lose these little guys!

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Give them time, sounds to me like they are just in shock. Take off all leaves except the tiny young leaves. This will help the plant concentrate on growing roots instead of concentrating on keeping those leaves alive. Better to have all the energy, or at least most of it going to making roots.

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hi cc

if it were me....i would strip off all foliage and trim the ends....then i would put the cuttings in a container of water for a couple weeks...after that you should see small white knibs growing...they are the roots starting...
then i would pot up...
cheers and good luck..


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chena(z8 Texas)

Looks like you have Mz.Diane in your corner.. Great Advice there!!.LOL So nice to have you here I look forward to seeing you around!! I hope you have pic's...LOL WE Love pic's!!!


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You can leave them potted but they can stand more sun this time of year. They root faster when its warm. Don't overwater and make sure you have good drainage. Try to give them morning sun if you can.

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Did they make it through the weekend?

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They DID make it through the weekend! I read a ton on these forums and ended up cutting both cuttings down into several smaller pieces, removing all the large leaves, and putting them into water. I'm changing the water everyday, and I put them on top of the gas grill to absorb some warmth and get a little more sunshine. The small leaves that I left have perked up and are looking good. wait and check on them several times a day like sleeping babies :-)

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

that is awesome!


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Well done. Just watch closely for any signs of the outer skin slipping off or rot. If that happens recut them and pot them up. The trick to rooting them this time of year for me in soil is to plant shallow and not overwater. A couple inches of potting soil in the bottom of a small pot works well. Some I planted deep with pot full of soil rotted and it didn't leave me much to work with. The shallow method has done well. Once they are well rooted you can lift it and add more soil underneath if needed.

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corgicorner(Mass 6/7)

I'd like to throw-in a couple of suggestions:

Buy some alcohol in any drugstore. Dip your cutting tool in this alcohol between every cut. Stops spread of "germs".

Put new cutting, and even rooted cuttings in sterile soil.
(if you wish some info on this write to me(above).

Never plant plants into garden soil if they are to be grown in a container! Garden soil is fine in the garden, but you should use a "container mix" in containers--they contain more "drainage material". (for more information write me.)

"NIBS", "NUBBIES","Knibs", "Knibbles" etc = Linticels

just trying to help

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another way!
when I receive brugs from a trade or cut them for rooting- I ALWAYS dip the ends in Listerine (alcohol will probably work fine too) THEN- let the ends callous over for a day or too- this will insure that they don't start to rot- when the ends look like they are drying/healing nicely- I stick them in a Dixie cup with a hole in the bottom for drainage. I hold the cutting inside the cup while I fill it with moistened, squeezed out Sphagnum moss. Then I place them under a shoplight, or in a sunny window... they start rooting right away! Maybe this year I will cut my losses! Last year I lost most of my cuttings to rot... good luck!

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So how are your cuttings doing now? Cheryl

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I'm in Galveston, I cut them off, pull off all the leaves and shove them into a pot full of Scots or miracle gro, water well, stick them by the back porch and they get watered with everything else or if they look wilted. 100% success rate. With our climate and the humidity it's much easier than everyone else. It's not supposed to get really cold yet, this next cold front will only get into 40's way north, if your in town it'll be warmer, 60's on the island, then it's going to warm up again.

I have no luck rooting in water, they rot no matter what I do. And in soil I don't have to worry about changing water or the dog drinking the water. If yours don't make it let me know, I've got 20 or so rooted & growing by the back porch that need to be planted somewhere. I can meet you or if you come down to the island you can buzz by & pick up all you want. Along with anything else you'd like cuttings or divisions of.
Tally HO!

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You guys are all so WONDERFUL!!!!

The two I left in the soil and fairing OK. No nibs yet, but no signs of rot or anything else.

The four I put into water, though, are doing well. I've got them on top of the BBQ pit (so the dogs can't knock them over!) and they are getting no direct sun. I am starting to see little nibs - YEAH!!!! - and new little leaves on one of the cuttings. I'M SO EXCITED!

Looks like one or two may make it and the funniest thing is to watch me go outside and check them several times a day like they are sleeping babies!

Again, many thanks for all the advice!

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If they are in potting soil don't keep taking them out to check the roots like I did at first, lol. This one took like several months to finally get some baby root hairs. I was pulling it out to throw it away and saw the little root and went oops, lol. It lived but its still small. Slowest one ever. Another thing I have done is dust the cuts with powdered sulfur. It heals them over and stops that center rot that some of them do and stops them from dying back and shriveling up like some have done.

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Since everyone gave such great advice, I thought I would post a follow up with some pics (if I can figure that out).

The cuttings that I moved to water are doing well and leafing out. I'm moving them today to sphagnum moss and will hopefully have roots soon :-)

The two I left in the soil haven't produced any new leaves. I'm not giving up on them yet, though!

Again, many thanks to everyone. I am so happy to be new to brugs and meeting so many lovely people!

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