planting clematis

sheba1(z6md)July 30, 2009

i just bought 2 clematis bulbs. can I plant them at this time of year? I live in zone 6.

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funnelweb(NSW Aust)

Bulbs! I don't think they come in bulb form, I've only ever bought them as rooted plants, either bare rooted in winter dormancy or in tubestock or bigger pots. If they've got roots and a stem or two, plant them deep so that one or two sets of buds are just above ground. Also beneath them lay in a layer of blood and bone (bone meal) below an inch layer of soil. Others might like to elaborate further.

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Yes, they are NOT bulbs :-)

The advisability of planting them out directly in the ground now will depend on how large they are. Small starts (those in a 5-4" pot or smaller) would benefit from being potted up into a larger container and grown on until spring before planting. 6" pots (gallons) or larger can be planted now but I'd be concerned about transplant shock and the need for very attentive watering at this time of the season......I might want to hold them until cooler weather later this fall.

I don't like using either blood or bone meal - the scent attracts critters and blood meal in particular can easily burn delicate roots - but I do enrich the soil well with compost and prepare a large, deep planting hole.

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