Where to find a nice trellis

skfrey25(6a)July 30, 2012

I am in the process of selecting the clematis varieties I would like to grow. I am certain that I will have a Venosa Violacea. This is my first attempt at growing clematis. Where can I find a suitable trellis, and how tall does it need to be?

Thank you!


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I had a hard time finding a perfect trellis. It would help if we knew where it was going? Up against your house? A fence? In the garden bed?
The most important thing is that it is thin enough for the plant to wrap around it.
I bought quite a few after looking everywhere. I bought trellis, arches, rose pillars. I can show you a link to what I bought of you'd like. Very solid steel arches, trellis, and pillars but yet still thin so the plant can wrap. My shutters are black so it was easy to match with all black products.
Also, clematis can be addicting. I bought my first last year and now have around 60 of them ;)

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Thank you for your response! My trellis will most likely be next to my house, although in the future, I will probably need one to go in a garden bed. If you get a chance, it would be so helpful if you cold post that link!

I may be new to clematis, but I have quickly learned how addicting they can be! I am limiting myself to four this year, but there are so many varieties that I would love to grow!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I haven't checked recently, but in the past I got some nice trellises through Jackson and Perkins (online) and at my local Home Depot store. I think they were about 6 ft tall--or maybe a bit taller. I also got some nice pillars at Jackson and Perkins--about 8 ft tall. Clems look lovely growing around them in a garden setting.

If you check at your local garden centers, some of them carry a select number of trellises and related structures. They tend to be shorter, however. I did buy a shorter one once for Clematis Durandii to "scramble" through--worked nicely in the middle of the garden. Normally though you'd want them to be at least twice as tall.

If you have a fence in the background, just buy some plain ol' everyday chicken wire fencing and attach that where you want the clems to grow. In that case, the clems would grow in more of a horizontal fashion--sometimes with a little encouragement from you.

If you have a tall sturdy bush or a smaller tree, let the clematis climb up them. I have rose etoile clematis growing up through a maroon-colored smoke tree--quite charming.

Hmmm--that's about all I can think of right off hand. Hope that helps.


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I found my real nice trellises in my small town in our small shop that dealt with outdoor things really cute.
also I have seen some good ones in garden centers,just look around

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alameda/zone 8

I have used cattle panel cut to fit where I want to put them. You can hammer in tall rebar behind them and wire the cattle panel to the rebar. Or sink 4x4 posts in the ground and nail the cattle panel to the back of the posts. For decoration, go to Lowes or Home Depot and screw in wooden finials on the top. This is a permanent trellis and looks very nice. The panel can be sprayed black for a more formal look - paint the 4x4s another color. For most of my trellises, I go to Lowes/Home Depot. They may be having some sales now. I have been known to talk an associate at Home Depot into giving me a better price - apparently they can do that!

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Lowes has some nices ones on sale now. I bought an obelisk today for $11. Local nursery was asking 30 -40.

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