My first flower bloomed!

angela1234(6 SW PA)June 11, 2014

I just got this Meyer Lemon tree in April as a birthday present from my sister and it has had little flower buds for a few weeks. The first one bloomed and I'm really excited about it. I repotted this tree shortly after receiving it because the soil didn't drain well and I feared root rot. I'm still amazed that I took care of this tree and it hasn't died or suffered trauma and lost all of its leaves. I could not have done it without reading all the informative posts on this forum for guidance. Thanks everyone for putting such great advice on here even though I mainly just read stuff and don't post :)

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Congratulations. Your Meyer looks very happy.

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Hi Angela, I have been lurking here for a couple of years. I also live near you. I am in south jersey. this site has saved my tree. I do not post with advice because I am a newbe. But you being near me, I can tell you that
having your tree in the maxinum amount of direct sunlight, and feeding
it with foilage pro, the little tree will be very happy. I feed my tree Weekly
with this stuff. You only need to use a quater of a tsp. for 1 gal of water until it fruits. I am having very good results this year so far. see my question that I just posted. I think it is important to not use tap water. I think that the chemicals in tap water inhibit the growth.

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Congrats..Good work..It does look like a happy camper..I'll bet you love the fragrance..


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angela1234(6 SW PA)

Thanks John and Mike! I really do love the fragrance!

chefricky, Thanks for the advice! I use daylight CFL light bulbs because I don't get much direct sunlight in a 2nd floor apartment facing NE. I'm a little bit weary about bringing it outside on the roof because it hasn't been above 50 degrees F consistently at night time until just last week. Plus now there are thunderstorms. I also use foliage pro and dilute it in filtered tap water.

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