Bogart(6 Ont.)July 20, 2009

All my Clematis have come up gangbusters this year, perhaps because of the wet summer last year and this year's wettish and cool spring.

The downside is that most (aside from Texensis) are now starting for the first time ever to show signs of powdery mildew on the leaves - the Viticella even on the petals.

Any advice?


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I have a lot of mildew in my garden this year too, especially on several of my roses. I would think you could spray your clematis with the cornell formula (baking soda, hort oil and water) or Safer's Defender (a prepared sulphur-based fungicide). As far as I know, they wouldn't damage your clems. Perhaps someone who has tried these methods will comment on their effectiveness. I have also heard of hosing the affected plants down early in the morning on a sunny day and letting them dry off. (Of course, you would spray the fungicides AFTER you did that:)) It's supposed to 'wash off' the spores.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I'm getting rid of some that mildew every year. I just don't have time to spray. I never had mildew until I introduced some viticellas and texensis.....

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