Need advice about planting Chalkhill Fall deliveries

redsox_gwJuly 9, 2008

I am waiting for Fall delivery from the Chalkhill sale of Pamiat Serdtsa and diversifolia 'Heather Herschell' I was wondering about the options for planting/overwintering. In my very limited experience, I had much better luck planting in Spring than Fall. My choices with these 2 are to either:

Go ahead and plant in Fall

Pot them up and store them in the garage for the winter

Pot them up and plant the pot in the ground, then plant in Spring

What would you do?

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Last year I planted many clematis right before it snowed and didn't lose a single one. I did the same with a bunch of hosta and didn't lose any of those either.

I don't know why it worked out so well - maybe it was because they were dormant or almost dormant, maybe it was because we had a good snow cover most of winter without the freeze/thaw cycles that we typically experience. I did the same the year before and we had a lousy snow cover with many freeze/thaw cycles. I don't know, but as each season passes, I become more convinced that clematis are far more hardy than they were given credit for in the past.

I'm not recommending planting this way (how is that for a cop-out) but I'll probably do it again this year.

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opheliathornvt zone 5

When I get small plants at the end of the planting year, I pot them up a size larger and sink the pots in the ground next to my south-facing foundation wall. When we have a thaw in the middle of winter or in early spring, I'll give the pots a drink because they're under our deck and no rain falls there. I have also overwintered clematis and small roses in my garage, but they tend to start growing a lot earlier than the outside pots, and are more trouble. Again, you have to give them some water every so often. I'm lazy enough that I like the less-work route.

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I don't mind watering them in the garage but I know myself and I would probably overwater them. Maybe planting them in the pot would be the better option.

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