poisonous prickly pear

ilovecacti_grower(8, GA)September 28, 2009


i met a few people who have prickly pear cactus, they let me have some and my mom thought i was growing them (which i am (from seeds) and didnt know i planned on eating them i have a couple questions!

1) my mom wants to know if there are any poisonous prickly pears and wont let me eat them unless i KNOW theres no record of poisoning in prickly pear

2) there green (not ripe) will they still taste good?

3) i have one i forgot to peel and "process" can i ripen it some how?

please and thanks for the information

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First off, I am assuming you are talking about the fruits, not the pads, both of which are edible.

1) All fruits of the family Cactaceae are edible, prickly pear included.

2) Unripe prickly pears are pretty unpleasant tasting, very bitter. It is always best to let them get fully ripe while still on the plant though.

3) If it really was green, then no. If they have started to turn red, sometimes they will completely ripen off the plant.

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I would add: Don't let the fruit ripen too much, even if it's still on the plant. I've found nasty critters inside a few.

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