pest or not?

josecitrusJune 12, 2014

I found this on my newly planted in ground meyer lemon tree also the tree has large fruit already but not turning yellow usually how long before they become yellow like lemons?? Thanks in advance

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I don't know what the bug is; it looks like a sucking insect. If there is only one or a few, I would not overreact.

You don't say where you live; but if you live in the Northern hemisphere, you could expect your fruit to ripen around mid October to late November.

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I live in florida and there was about 15-30 of them on the tree it looked like ants with wings to me .

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

There's no telling what that might be.....can't tell from the image with any certainty. My first inclination is that it's a beneficial parasitoid....a tiny wasp that helps us control all manner of pest insects. We love those little guys, believe me.

It could even be a winged ant. I can't think of any sucking pest that this might be, right off the top of my head.

If you come across another one, observe it for a few minutes. If it bends its little butt under and acts like it's stinging the leaf (and you don't see any aphids or scale insects or caterpillars) it could be one of the leaf miner species. The Citrus Leaf Miner is a type of moth, other species might express an interest.

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