Clematis for peonies or floribunda roses

skfrey25(6a)July 27, 2012

I am a new gardener, but I would love to grow clematis! This fall I am planting some peonies and floribunda roses. Are there any easy to grow clematis in particular that would grow nicely through those plants? I love blue and purple blooms. I think Arabella and Durandii look pretty... But I know next to nothing a about clematis, so ANY advice would be much appreciated!



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For the peonies, I think the herbaceous clematis would better suited than any of the vining types......IME, peonies need to be staked to remain upright anyway so no sense in adding to the situation with the weight/size of a vining clem. Both Arabella and Durandii are good choices in that regard!

For the roses, it's much more your choice. The larger the rose, the larger the vine it will support. Personally, I prefer the type 3 vines, as they can be pruned at the same time the roses are and heavily as well. 'Etoile Violette' is a great dark purple but there are many others to choose from.

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Thanks, Gardengal! Recently you helped me in the bulb forum too... I appreciate the advice!

I was thinking an herbaceous variety would be nice for the peonies. Anyone have an opinion on Juuli? I'm leaning toward that one at the moment.

I also think Venosa Violacea is lovely! I am envisioning it on a trellis, maybe with a white clematis. I like the look of Ivan Olsson, but haven't found much about it online. Any thoughts?

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Venosa Violacea is one of my favorite clems. You'll love it. It grows about 10 ft tall--looks great climbing on my back fence.

For a white, consider Arctic Queen--she's a double and gorgeous. Long bloomer also. However, if you are looking for a simpler white, a lot of posters here rave about Huldine.

Never heard of Ivan Olsson, so can't help you there.

Any number of purples make great clems--the good ol' standard Jackmani or Jackmani Superba or Etoile Violette or Rhapsody.

Of the herbaceous clems, I've grown Durandi--love it. I grew it wrapped around a small wire pillar. As long as I keep it well-watered, it will bloom. I've also grown a small purple bell shaped one --can't remember the name, but I let it "scramble" on the ground, as a groundcover. Visitors always comment on it.

Lots of good clems to pick from. Hope you can show us some pics when they finally bloom.


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Thanks for the help, Kate! Glad to hear good things about Venosa Violacea.

Oops, Ivan Olsson is a group 2. I am not brave enough to try that as my first go at clematis! I am planning to order from Silver Star vinery... Debbie has been really helpful! I don't think they have Arctic Queen, and Huldine will be available in the fall. Does anyone know much about John Huxtable?

I'm also considering Comtesse de Bouchaud. Any thought?

Whenever I plant with a peony or rose bush, where should I plant the clematis in relation to the other plant? And for a trellis, where should the clem be planted to best climb the trellis?

Thanks everyone!

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