Baby tangerines already turning orange?

vp_78June 26, 2013

We planted a tangerine tree this spring, and when it planted it was full of buds. Cut to about 2 weeks after planting in the ground, when most of the leaves had turned yellow... :( We chalked that up to inexperience with citrus and most likely not a proper watering regimen. I think we rectified that situation, and have a few new leaves that have grown in.
Many of the baby tangerines died on the tree, but quite a few hung on. Now, most of those baby tangerines are still pea-sized, but are already turning, or have turned, orange.

We've applied fertilizer and chelated iron (at the guidance of our local nursery) to help the leaf situation, but is there anything to be done about the orange baby tangerines? Should I just pick those off? There are still a handful or so of green babies that actually look like they're growing -- they're maybe the size of an English pea instead of a sugar snap...

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Sounds like the tree is aborting fruit, which is not that unusual at all with a new tree. Combination of a young tree and some transplant shock. Not to worry, the fruits will most likely drop of themselves. I would just continue watering appropriately, and fertilizing appropriately. Give your tree a year or two to acclimate fully and provide you with a nice full crop of fruit. I will often remove all fruit on a new tree if I see it's struggling to get started. I want the tree to put all its energy into developing a nice, big, healthy root system that will in turn, support the development of a nice, big, healthy canopy. It's the canopy that will support good fruit. Patience, Grasshopper.

Patty S.

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Gotcha. Will pull of those dead little tangerines stat!!! I just can't wait to head outside someday and pluck a ripe juicy tangerine from my very own tree :)

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