Small Yellow Bugs With Black Spots That Look Like a Ladybug

ruthzNovember 7, 2012

I don't want to kill beneficial bugs, but these seem to be eatings holes in the leaves and flowers of my brugs.

I guess they are some kind of asian beatle. Should I kill them or leave them alone??

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Sounds like the spotted cucumber beetle. I'd spray them! They can't bee good if they're eating your flowers!

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Thank you kasha, that looks like the ones.
I don't normally use anything, but sometimes use Neem oil or insecticidial soap. Will one of those work?

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I think they should. Try it and see! :)

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seamaid(TX 9b)

I had those one year and I would take a bowl of soapy water out once or twice a day and drown them. I did not have a problem with them after that. They do look so much like ladybugs.

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Could they be Asian ladybugs?

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