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dj02November 16, 2010

Hi, I started my first Brug in July and was immediately hooked. I ended up with 7 assorted ones in pots and moved them in to a large window area. All the leaves immediately fell off even though 3 of them were already between 3 to 4'. The tips are green with little sprigs. What do I do to keep them living until spring. Any help will be so appreciated. Thanks ! dj02

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maile_2010(4 Central MN)

Welcome. Am a newbie also. Getting hooked on brugs was easy, eh? Addiction is quite easy with beauty(sight) and scent(sense of smelling) with these plants. I have not found a more intoxicating scent on any other plant. It grabs you and sets you back. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy.

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A window doesn't provide sufficient light. You can keep them growing there but the stems will become lanky and weak. If the brugs are already a good size you are probably better off allowing them to go dormant. You won't lose anything on size next spring because you'll likely end up having to trim off all the lanky growth anyway. You could invest in a small grow light system and make sure your brugs get at least 14 hours of light if you want to keep them growing over the winter. Another reason to consider allowing them to go dormant is that they attract all kinds of pests, especially mites, mealies, aphids and even scale.

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chena(z8 Texas)

I have to agree with Karyn.. If you don't have sufficient lighting you are better off to let them go dormant.. Strip the leaves, cut back on watering to avoid rot and keep it in a cool dimly lit area.. Mine that are in the garage don't seem to mine temps @38*.. I do bring some in BUT you run the risk of those nasty little critters.. Good Luck and WELCOME!!


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