Jackmanii Struggling?

melaroma(6)July 10, 2011

I bought this jackmanii clematis last fall and at that time it looked half dead. I placed it in a grow box to be moved in the spring. I have now moved it to it's permanent location but unfortunately when I moved it I exposed the rootball (the dirt crumbled off the plant). I have made sure to keep it well watered. All problems considered do you think that she looks well or does she look like she is struggling? I am assuming that blooms are a good sign and am wondering if I need to do anything for it. I have refrained from fertilizing it and did plant it an inch deeper than it was in the pot.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Looks normal for a baby Clematis. They take several years to get going.

In early spring cut it back to about six inches and fertilize it with an organic rose or tomato food, compost or manure. I use alfalfa pellets too.

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Oh good! I really like the flowers on this clematis and didn't want to loose it. Are they heavy feeders like roses and tomatoes? I also have a new piilu but it is huge and flowering right now, should I fertilize it now or wait until spring? I know that it is a group 2 and so I won't prune it back to six inches as I would the jackmanii but can I trim it back a bit to keep it's shape? Thanks!

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I prune my Piilu hard like a type III.

You could probably prune that Jackmanni now and have enough time before frost for new growth. Someone in a colder zone than me would be a better authority on the timing.

Pruning helps Clematis. Especially when they are tiny and spindly.

Yes, they are generally considered heavy feeders.

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I agree with Buyorsell. Your Jackmanii just screams 'Cut me back!'. Prune it back to the first leaf node and keep pinching new shoots to get a bushier plant and to stimulate roots growth. Fertilize with low Nitrogen fertilizer.
Do this next year too.

I also prune my Piilu like type III, although I've never seen double flowers on it. I am going to leave old wood next year to see if it will bloom in doubles for me.

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Thank you both for your instructions. Should I wait until it is done flowering to prune it back? I'd like to enjoy them but not if it's best that I prune right now.

I heard that the piilu only blooms the doubles on the old wood so I am hesitant to prune like a group 3.

When you say fertilize with low nitrogen, shouldn't it be high in nitrogen for foliage growth? Thanks again for all your help!

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Sure, enjoy the blooms first. You do not want to stimulate new growth right before winter, so do not prune or fertilize Clematis in late fall.

Why would you need promoting the foliage growth? Your goal is developing good root system for a young Clematis. Excessive top growth will lead to wilting.

BorS, I think you had double flowers on your Piilu. And you hard prune it. Is this right?

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Low nitrogen, you don't want excess foliage growth.

Yes, my Piilu blooms doubles on new growth after I've hard pruned it.

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