EB Stone Cactus mix?

mike22June 10, 2011

I have a number of citrus growing in terracotta pots using EB Stone's "edna's best" potting soil. The combo seems to work well during the summer, but the soil seems much to wet during the winter (pots stay outside). Looking at EB Stone's website for an alternative planting medium, I discovered that they recommended using their cactus mix for citrus as well. So off to the nursery I go to buy the cactus mix...

Until the guy at the nursery practically calls me an idiot for even considering such an idea. He couldn't tell me "why" it was a bad idea. He could only tell me that they would never recommend such a thing.

So, my question is: Why would the EB Stone cactus mix be such a bad medium for growing citrus? Has anyone used it?



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well, in a couple years once my citrus needs it i will be using Al's Gritty mix. i ahve no idea why he said its bad to use. the only thing i can think of is it has sand in it which over time will sink to the bottom and may cause draiage issues. i bought 2 bags a few months ago and well they ahd been used to i could not return them, but i made my own version of al's 5-1-1 mix using the cactus mix, orchid bark, perlite, and sunshine growers mix( i had all but the Orchid mix on hand) i made it 7-2-1-1. just to make sure that i had proper drainage and so far so good! the citrus i planted in this had the beginings of root rot, so i barerooted and treated the roots and planted in this mix and that was over a month ago and it it still haging in there. still has about 12 leaves and no dead branches.

you can use it, but i would suggest researching al's gritty mix or the 5-1-1 mix. both are well drainging and there are peopel on here that swear by them for all types of plants/trees !

good luck and keep us in the loop!

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Thanks Spongey. Perhaps I'll try your method and blend the cactus mix with the EB potting soil. (Since, I too, already have all of the materials...)

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good luck! i would add some bark to the mix! it will increase the drainage and aeration!


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