Droopy Leaves Meyer Lemon

Mschm75June 18, 2014

Hello all !!!

I am adding some pictures of a young dwarf meyer lemon.
All the leaves on the right side are new growth that started less than 3 weeks ago. It is growing like crazy. My only concern is that the leaves are very droopy and lighter in color. I live in Montana where we can get pretty dry and hot in the summer. I am using a pine bark based 5-1-1 mix with Osmocote slow release fertilizer. This soil mix drains very fast. I have also been using a soluble liquid fertilizer once a week ( A more diluted dosage).So far I water every 6-7 days when the soil is more dry. It gets 8 hours a day of sunlight. Side note* I brought my plant indoors before I started writing this message and the leaves are firming up. Could the direct heat be making the leaves sag? This concerns me a little bit because it is currently 56 degrees outside. Also the root system looks very healthy there just isn't a very big root system yet. I have not yet checked the PH levels either. Also the leaves are soft and I was curious how long they normally take to firm up. I don't know, maybe i'm being overly paranoid:P Any input would be greatly appreciated !!!


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Good morning, totally normal to have young growth droop in heat and Sun. I usually keep my citrus in part sun while new leaves are pushing out and I give them a little more water to deal with the heat. Since your tree drains quickly you may need more water while they are outside.Your tree looks very healthy . The leaves will be lighter in color and softer until they mature . I know that my trees vary in time to maturity, but it will happen soon. Good growing, Jeb

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Yes, Kev is spot on..Especially if you are talking about the hot sun hitting your tree before the root system heats above 55, it will do this often....

Should be fine if you do what Jeb says or find a way to keep the roots warmer than 55 before the hot sun hits it...
I keep mine like that in an area where the sun hits it later in the day so the root zone has time to warm up to prapare for the hot sun...

Just don't confuse this with having to water again when the mix is already moist..Believe it or not many do and end up over watering their trees....


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Thank you both for the input. I always forget about root temperature !!! I

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