President Clematis Bloom duration?

julyguy754July 7, 2008

My President Clematis is about 3-4 years old, on a metal trellas, facing the North. It generally blooms early June and is about done at the end of the month.

Healty plant, blooms are big and nice. I see some others Presidents that bloom much longer.Any one know what is the general blooming duration? Anything I can do to keep them bloomed longer? If I deadhead, will they re-bloom again?

As you can tell, I am a novice at this. Do President take any special care, besides keeping them away from special interest plant groups? :)

Also, just brought two new types of Clematis, Ville De Lyon and Texenis Gravetye Beauty. Anyone know about caring for these or what to expect? They are facing East and get morning sun but shade in the afternoon.



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I have EXACTLY same problem. Just wondering about it this afternoon...

Mine is 2 yo. Planted facing south, but the location gets sun in the morning, not so much in afternoon due to big fir tree in front of our house.

This year, it had much bigger blooms than last year, maybe several of them. But now flowers are done, it may bloom in fall, but I thought The President is more like all summer bloomer than spring/fall bloomer. Correct??

I too am looking forward to hear any advice on this.


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rlukacevic(zone 7 VA)

I'm no expert, but, I believe patience is the key. Clematis need water and fertilizer and sunshine. Use a standard fertilizer for roses (Rosetone, e.g.). Be sure to mulch them heavy as well.

Gravetye Beauty is a gorgeous rose, and mine has been blooming for two months now...not totally loaded with blooms, but, you know it's blooming!


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flowerfan2(z8/ WA)

My plant is only 5 years old planted in an E exposure. It hasn't been a heavy bloomer for me. I get 20-25 large blossoms in the spring. It hasn't rebloomed for me in the past, but I see this year it is starting to rebloom. As the plant matures you should get more blooms. After it's initial bloom you can fertilize it and give it water and hope for a rebloom. I love the flowers and grow it with a golden jasmine, so for me less flowers in with the golden jasmine looks better than a solid mass of flowers. So it works for me. I am sure as your plant matures you will get more flowers. I am.

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