Why did my Meyer Lemon lose all its fruit?

jandey1(TX8)June 3, 2011

Can anyone give me some ideas about what went wrong? I have a small Meyer grown from seed that produced lots of delicious fruit for the first time last year, nearly a dozen big juicy lemons. It's about six years old, three feet tall and in a large pot in partial sun, same as last year. This year I gave it some foliar feed as well as the same slow-release fertilizer as last year and it bloomed beautifully and was covered in fruit. It even repeat-bloomed for me.

It looks great, but a couple of weeks ago all the fruit went yellow and fell off, even those that were marble-sized. Anyone know what may have happened? We did not have any freak cold snaps; if anything the weather is more hot and humid than our typical spring, with less rain but I water as before. Any ideas?



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What kind of foliar feed?

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this year you added extra fertilizer, could be over fertilization which stressed the tree and cause it to drop all the fruit.

have you noticed any bugs, or tiny insects, etc?

here's something i found

"Certain insects that feed on citrus trees can cause fruit drop. For example, leaf-footed bugs inject an enzyme into citrus fruit causing a tree to lose most of its fruit in a very short period of time, according to a Texas A&M University System Agricultural Program report.

Read more: Why Do Citrus Trees Drop Fruit? : eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/facts_5768931_do-citrus-trees-drop-fruit_.html#ixzz1OUPPuQpM

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Thanks for the insights. The foliar feed I've been using is Spray-n-Grow, and it seems to be doing great for the foliage and certainly seemed to have boosted blooms on it.

I've seen no insect damage at all but it could have been too much fertilizer combined with early heat stress as this has been a record-breaking hot Spring.

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