Need a clem that withstands tons of direct sun

charlottev(Zone 4-4b)July 20, 2008

Help. I have this one location that clems just don;t like. It is facing west, so only gets sun from 11'ish onwards right now and it is against a woooden shed. I've tried various clems, Rouge Cardinal, Hagley Hybrid and last year I planted a blue bell of some sort and I can't believe I didn't write it down either. It is suffering, turning yellow even though it did have a few bells, but very small. I did fertilize in spring and it gets lots of water, but it looks pathetic.

What kind should I plant there????

\ Charlotte

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funnelweb(NSW Aust)

Zone 4 to 4b, Hell! I'm trying to grow 'em in zone 10! Whereabouts in Canada are you - rough estimate is all this page would need; that would help to provide you with accurate advice, I think. Maybe your soil is too cold, too acidy, too alkaline. 'Turning yellow', emm, why not try a little dolomite! Cant do any harm.

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jeanne_texas(Z 8B TX)

Any of the Viticellas aka Pruning group 3's are full sun lovers and will love that spot...Jeanne

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charlottev(Zone 4-4b)

Funnelweb, clematis grow very well in Canada and I am in southwestern Ontario, close to Collingwood. I have 45 in my garden and they are basically doing great. I should dig out some pictures to post but I deon't know how. I might plant a honeysuckle there and have comtesse bouchard grow up it. The bell has to be moved, but I might put it in a pot over winter and pamper it to see if it has potential.


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I have a jackmanii growing up a lamp post in full sun near an asphalt driveway and it's doing great. It's been there seven years now. I know some folks consider it "old-fashioned" but hey, what's wrong with that? Plus it's hardy, easy to grow, and I think the dark purple flowers are gorgeous. What more could you want :)?

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charlottev(Zone 4-4b)

I do have a jackmanii, but I would really like something different. There are just too many out there, that I hate to duplicate! However, I have enough space there that I can put two in safely. One jackmanii and one comtesse bouchard or baron de veillard as I happen to have these two in pots recuperating from being dug out last fall. Thanks for your advice.

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I have General Sikorski growing on a wood trellis behind my garage which faces west. It's a very sturdy plant and the earwigs don't seem to like it. Probably because the leaves and blooms are a little thicker than the other clematis I have in the garden. GS is a group 2, but it's been blooming its head off since June. I should add that by 6 pm the plant is in shade.

I too will need a clematis that can take punishing heat. I found an interesting article and a list.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clematis that can take the heat

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Hi, I'm an old, perennial gardener of sorts but forever a newbie to Clems ... Now I see why my Blue Bell is a bit of a little monster these past few yrs - cool feet & more shade now than what he prefers, has been encroaching on his neighbor's space! Should he be getting periodic haircuts or move him over to get more sun? He is an old boy perhaps 10-12 y/o

TIA! Â;)

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funnelweb(NSW Aust)

Yes, I've still a lot to learn about growing Clems, read once where it's not so much that they love heaps of water but that the water helps keep the roots cool. Not sure how accurate that is. This winter (southern hem.) I bought 6 'toughies' according to the suppliers, by mail order. All arrived in good condition with plenty of roots and although they've only been in 4 to 6 weeks all are thriving with 'Polish Spirit' well ahead of the others - about 3 feet up a wire frame now. This is (American) zone 10, well, 9 1/2. Nobody else here abouts is growing clems on account of it being too warm and the nuseries don't stock them and say 'forget it', so I just hope I can prove them wrong. Maybe if I put some ice cubes around the plants in winter? Perhaps that might be over doing it. Goodluck Charlottev.

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This link didn't work for me:
"Clematis that can take the heat"

Can you check it and repost? I live in Zone 10 with a garden
that gets full unblocked sun from sun-up to sun-down.

I don't have a clematis yet, I know the one I want, but don't know it's name, it's very simple, has only four petals
that radiate from the center, however, it's a big flower.

It doesn't *have* to be white, but I've only seen that style in white. Any clues? Thanks! BTW I'm a newbie to GardenWeb.

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Try pasing this link into your browser

then look in the column "articles" (third from left) and click on Clematis In Hot Climates.

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funnelweb(NSW Aust)

Somajamie, look, try looking up (book) references on clematis. I'm zone 10 too, well, 9.5 to 10, and I don't know if I can grow them either. I've 6 newbies just in, some, especially 'Polish Spirit', is roaring away, but will it survive the coming summer? I dunno - I bought it mail order from a nursery in the lower zones. Follow the rules for growing clematis and cross your fingers; in the right climate they're easy, if it aint perect you'll have to do all you can to give them what the experts say they need. Good Luck. Oh, and by the way charlottev, I do know that Canada has good climates for growing clematis, in fact I have a long-time gardening friend in Vancouver (she use to be at '100 mile', north-east of Vancouver in the mountains -cold winters, and another who lives in the perma-frost, I just forget where exactly, somewhere up near the lakes, and suffered 'cabin fever'. My friend in Vancouver loves her clems. Good luck.

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