Looking to plant a Clematis and help my existing one

sgtwarpig(5)July 16, 2014

I currently have a Jackmanii and it doesnt do very well I have tried cutting it back in the fall and also letting it be for the winter either way I only get new growth from the ground and very few flowers. I am looking to plant a new Clematis I would like to find one that possibly blooms all summer in zone 5 and I prefer the larger flowers compared to the smaller ones. Any suggestions for what I might purchase or how to bring my Jackmanii back to life.

Thanks in advance

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Fiirst, no clematis blooms all summer. Pruning group 2 clems (also known as the large flowered hybrids) typically start blooming in May (sometimes as early as April) but usually fizzle out by July. With a light trimming at that time, many will produce a second bloom flush in late summer or early fall.

Pruning group 3 clems - like Jackmanii - can start blooming as early as mid June (July is more typical) and will often continue on until well into fall. But these flower on the current season's growth and so look their best if cut back hard every year in late winter. Jackmanii is one of the most prolific blooming and easier clematis to grow. Try pruning it more severely (down to the second or third set of buds from the base or about 12-18") in March and fertilize after pruning with a good rose fertilizer. Mulching well with compost won't hurt either. I'd bet you see much better performance from this vine going forward.

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opheliathornvt zone 5

I'm in zone 5 and my longest blooming clem is Rooguchi, hands down, but it has a smaller bloom than you may want, and it's bell-shaped, but I think it still makes quite an impact, and it's very easy for me.

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johnnycabot(Z4b MI.)

Yes agree with gardengal, Jackmanii a winner for show and hardiness your zone. Is he new? All clems can be erratic first few years and then, wam! Gorgeous!

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