Is it a total loss?

kimcocoJuly 15, 2009

I moved one of my clematis today, it wasn't doing well in current location..I purchased it early last year, very small plant, it grew nice, this year it was very spindly, but I didn't water well until later in the season and then it started to grow. I had it wedged between a concrete platform and my garage, a 6 inch clearance. I dug it out by hand as best as I could, but I couldn't get all the roots. The root system looks very full and healthy, but I could hear a few snap, no way to get a shovel down that far.

Then, I transplanted to another location, and SNAP! the lone single stem broke clear off the bottom. I planted the roots regardless, watered and fertilized with tomato food, wondering if there's any chance of this coming back??? I've had transplanted clems die back on me after moving or first time planting, only to have new growth later on.

What are my odds?

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Don't give up. Last fall I moved a clematis, dividing off parts of it. There were still many roots left so I potted them up and this summer there are two stems growing in the pot. I have heard others say that they have moved a clematis and sometimes a new plant comes from roots that were left behind.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Cutting it back severely like that helps Clematis, it does not hurt them. You should have done it on purpose earlier this year. All new Clematis should be cut back hard their first few years after planting to encourage multiple vines.

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