Meyer lemon tree suggestion???

josecitrusJune 20, 2014

This is my Meyer lemon wanted your opinion does everything look ok with it there were a few lemons small ones that turned yellow could that be transplant shock? I planted it about 2-3 weeks ago. Should it have more lemons for its size right now it had like 15-20 or so is that a good amount. I live in florida so its about 80-85 f degrees now and its been raining a few times a week should I use fertilizer now or wait for a later time?. Also does the ring I made around it look ok or should I do something else? Thanks for all the help also if it helps the soil is mostly on the sandy part and its fast draining so I am thinking about watering about 3 days what do you guys think?

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It looks fine; but of course it will suffer transplant shock and some leaf loss. Do not fertilize it until you see some new growth starting; then give it a dose of a good citrus fertilizer at the dripline and water it in well. With a new planting the absence of fertility encourages the roots to grow in search of food and water; and after the roots grow the leaves and branches will grow. If it were my tree, newly transplanted, I would take off all the fruit to let the tree put its energy into new growth. Removal of the fruit is not a complete loss; a Meyer fruit at that size is already better than a lot of lemons.

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thanks for all the information and is the ring I made in the bottom good for the tree I planted it like an ants mound is that ok or should there be no ring around it?

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It looks like you're on Sandy soil, so the water drains away fast enough where you don't have to worry about water sitting next to the trunk of the tree. That's the purpose to the anthill mound you created, so just leave it but don't dig up the soil anymore because citrus have shallow feeder roots.

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