Clematis for z4

jennie_in_mt(z3 MT)July 27, 2009

I am putting in several and hope that I have not made poor choices. Anyone in z4 growing clems and what varieties do well for you??

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Try the alpinas and macropetalas: Bluebird, Constance, Ruby, Pink Flamingo, Tage Lundell, Willy, Rosy O'Grady, Pamela Jackman, Frankie, White Swan, Purple Spider there are more.

They are native to the alps and some were hybridized in Canada.

Are you Jennie with a pond who sent me hostas? I'm LeeAnne
Missed you at AP

Here is a link that might be useful: alpina article

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I have grown these clematis for years and always have a good showing:
Jackmanni, Madame Julia Correvon, viticella Kermisina,
Duchess of Albany, Rouge Cardinal, Recta, Terniflora, Purple Plena Elegans, heracleifolia 'China Purple', integrifolia 'Bushy Blue Bell'

Others added the last year or two that are blooming this year: Hagley, Henryi, Huldine, Will Goodwin, texensis Gravetye Beauty, Betty Corning, Comtesse de Buchard, Gillian Blades, Niobe, Warsaw Nike, The President, plus a few NOID.

Also have many others planted that have not bloomed yet and
about 20 more to plant this fall.

Some that I have seen growing well in this area (and may be in my garden but haven't bloomed or waiting to be planted):
Bee's Jublilee, Dr. Ruppel, H. F. Young, Nelly Moser, Ramona, Ville de Lyon

Which clematis did you choose?

I started slowly adding a new variety every year. Now I am watching for sales and buying them or starting from seeds or cuttings. Many of the ones I got this year were $4.50 for a gallon pot. Others last fall were clearance plants.

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jennie_in_mt(z3 MT)

LOL Which clematisdid I choose? Well, all of them! LOL No, it only seems that way. I got 8 from SSv: Mme Julia Correvon, Tuchka, Galore, Girenas, Piilu, Minuet, Little Nell, and Beth Currie. These were large-rooted plants and are looking great.
I ordered several from a vendor on eBay. They are very small so will take a long time to make sizeable plants I think. However, I planted them at a 45 deg angle so am hoping for some more eyes to develop. From that order (and it was a whopper), I got: Clare de Lune, Avant Garde, Blue Angel, Guernsey Cream, Comtesse de Bouchaud, Dr Ruppel, Pink Fantasy, Kilian Donahue, Mme Baron-Veillard, Miss Bateman, Barbara Harrington, Perle d'Azure, Perrin's Pride, Rouge Cardinal, Venosa Violacea, Prince Charles, and Ville de Lyon

Whew. I am almost glad these were small clems, as I can tuck them in easier and then let them take off (or hope they will) rather than dig a 2' hole in my existing beds! LOL With all that said, I don't think I will order lots of smaller plants again. When I am comparing, there is no comparison. Debbie Fisher sent glorious plants and they have shot up and have lots of stems. It may take a long time for the lil guys to catch up. When I find ones I am lusting for, I don't want to wait for them to 'grow up'! LOL

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jennie_in_mt(z3 MT)

Yes, it is I! I have been working so many hours I barely have time to sleep it seems! I miss AP so much but just have not had time to be there.
Or summers are so short and it seems like it is a dead run if there is a new project afoot in the garden. Unfortuanatley, there are several projects underway and I am desperately trying to wind some of them up. I have so much new stuff I am trying to learn about clems and roses, I don't have much time to hang out at my own pond or chat about it either! :) Hope I will have a little more time coming up as we are hiring a new nurse (I hope), then I can stop working OT!
How are you? The pond, hostas, cat, hubby, the gang at AP?? Catch me up, woman! I almost always have my yahoo msngr on jennie_in_mt feel free to add me.

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jennie_in_mt(z3 MT)

Ooops WE NEED AND EDIT FEATURE (for those goofballs like me)! LOL
Forgot to say, I have Bluebird. P Jackman has all but faded away here. She just never took hold like the Bludebird did. My complaint with the macropetalatas and possibly alpinas is that they bloom once early in the season and are done for the year. Since they are early, there is the chance that they get a late hard frost and never do anything but have foliage that year. Bummer

mnws - I am glad to see that soe of the ones I got are on your list of successes. Betty Corning and PPE are on my 'next' list. As well as Margaret Hunt, Debbie Fisher, Huvi, and Etoile Violette. Oh, let me be honest, I want this whole place to be dripping with foliage and flowers. There may not be a clematis on my 'don't want' list! LOL Seriously, I have lots of white vinyl PVC to cover and soften the look of. I love thta I do not have to paint it and it holds up well. But I sure want to soften it and give it a more lax look.

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cnetter(z5 Co)

I just came back from a trip to Red Lodge, Montana and I noticed quite a few of the commonly available clematis doing really well there. It made me think that almost any of the type 2 and 3's that you like would be worth trying.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Jennie, I don't instant message and I'm likely being banned from AP as we speak for disagreeing with Jerry's politics. Long story that is truly boring.

My email address is leeannes pond at comcast dot net

I have about 60 Clematis now. :)

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jennie_in_mt(z3 MT)

60? *gulp* You are my idol LeeAnne

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jennie_in_mt(z3 MT)

Thanks cnetter. I am hoping to add some of the ones that are harder to find in MT. Just did not know if any z3/4 gardeners had any feedback as to which varieties they had great luck with and which to avoid.... Length of bloom, true hardiness vs mere survival, floriferous vs stingy bloomers, etc

Hope you enjoyed Red Lodge!

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I have had great results with Lil Duckling, Jackmanii and Nelly Moser here on the Rocky Mountain Front.

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pump_toad(z4 iowa)

I'm in zone 4 and three of my favorites are Huldine,Betty Corning and Etoile Violette. If I could only have one it would be Betty.It was just loaded with blooms this summer and actually it's reblooming which is rare for this zone.

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jennie_in_mt(z3 MT)

Great to know others of the fancies are doing well in z4. I am planning to add E Violette (my E Rose is going very well). I opted for Clare deLune over Huldine because I loved the ripply edges of CdL's petals, but will definitely keep Huldine in mind. Betty Corning is on my wish list too. Just not available for now. Then again, I gotta save something to get next summer! LOL

TJ, so great to see another 'Treasure Stater' here. I love the look of Little Duckling (also called Piilu). I have high hopes for mine!

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Lois/pump toad: I just got Betty Corning, see you are in my zone/state. How tall does Betty grow for you? What do you grow her on for support?
Thanks, Marlene

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pump_toad(z4 iowa)

I am not sure how tall she actually is as she grows up and over her support. Since you live in the Midwest you will understand when I say I still have a old fashion metal clothesline pole that was cemented in the ground. I put a trellis in front of that.I have Prince Charles growing on the other side but if I had known more I would have planted a clematis with more contrast.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Betty reaches the top of a 9 foot trellis for me and flops back down. I pinch her back every year as she is growing too.

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