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karyn1(7a)September 17, 2012

And why isn't the last one dead yet? The bottom has looked like this for the past few years and it's still growing. Does it just suffer a slow demise? They were tiny little things when I got them and have been growing in a shallow ceramic bowl with no drainage for at least 10 years. The middle one is about 18" tall. I know they should be transplanted into proper individual pots but I don't want to tear up my hands trying to do it.

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Thick foam kind of like thick mattress pieces just jam the foam into them if foam is thick enough your hands wont feel a thing.

Funny you should show the pics. I just had a presentation on how reliable some succulents can be even if grown in " not the best of" conditions.

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That's a good idea. I might give that a try. Thanks

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The first is Echinocactus grussoni?
Second, i have no idea,
And third is Astrophytum ornatum. The base is normal, and i wouldnt be concerned. I have 3 healthy ones, all growing this corky base. I have also seen many other pictures of people's plants doing this.

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Thanks for the ID's. Glad to hear that it's not dying.

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When I transport my cacti, after I put it off till the pot is about to bust and roots coming out the bottom I went to home depot and told the guy what i needed i got some electrical gloves they are thick and padded inside and you have more movement with your hands also you can roll it up in a peace of cardboard if its (the cardboard) is to thick tear it down the center and wrap it around the needles and use some strong i call it masking tape just to help hold it on. its work well also I use the gloves on my large barrel cactus and it was a mess just to get out of the pot so here comes the thick cutting clippers to get it off the plant. always use clay pots.
Hope this helps and always try it first and have someone to help you. I got a 4 inch barrel thorn in my hand and it got infected even after shots and a trip to the hospital I am trying to figure out how to keep them smaller see I do not live in the south west these are my house plants.


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